‘Now my children may have been exposed’

‘I lost my dad to this terrible disease. Now my children may have been exposed.’ Victim’s fury at asbestos alert… “My father died a terrible death,” … “He had been a big, strong man but he just wasted away in front of our eyes.
“At the very end he was praying for the pain to end…. . I’ll never forget it… So Seamus Davis was ‘absolutely stunned’ when he learned this week that asbestos was uncovered at St Joseph’s Primary School in Antrim during routine works….. his own two children had been pupils there… “If I had known that there was asbestos in that school my kids would not have been there. I’ve seen first-hand what it can do and I would never dream of putting a child at that risk.“All it takes is someone to put a nail into the wall and the fibres can be released. If they are breathed in they can lie dormant for years before they change that person’s life forever. To think that thousands of children have passed through there oblivious to the danger is truly frightening. It’s terrifying.

“This really should have come to light sooner. I’m disgusted and disappointed that it has not.”…. Now the community leader wants to see the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools and the Department of Education move quickly to ‘do what they should have done in the first place’.“No expense should be spared here. This has to be done right and it has to be done now,” he said.“What price can you put on the life of a child? Surely there can be no higher priority than that?“I also want the Minister to wake up to what is at stake here. This disturbing incident underlines why a full survey of our schools is needed now.“The Housing Executive are currently checking their stock for asbestos. Is it not too much to ask that our schools do the same?”