link to map of England.. each county children at risk of school asbestos exposure … parents no right to be notified

Express: More than seven million schoolchildren are learning in asbestos-riddled classrooms, which could significantly increase their chances of developing cancer or respiratory problems in later life. New research has revealed that the home counties are the most deadly areas in the country outside London, with more than 200,000 youngsters at risk in Kent alone. In the capital a heart-stopping 1.2m children attend asbestos-riddled schools, according to figures obtained from a Freedom of Information request (FOI). However, despite the clear health dangers schools have no obligation to tell parents whether or not there is asbestos present on the premises. Kate Sweeney from leading law firm Stephensons said: “Many people still think that asbestos is only a threat to factory or trade workers and this simply isn’t the case. The deadly material has been used in all types of buildings since the 1950s and is still present in the majority of schools in the UK due to ageing stock. “These figures are very concerning and the fact that parents have no right to be notified, even more so. “Asbestos can be easily disturbed with a simple pinprick of the wall when hanging up children’s artwork and have a long term effect on the health of anyone exposed. “These findings make a clear case for parents to have better access to information on the measures being taken by local education authorities and schools to protect their children.”….

At the link is a map of England showing the number of children in each County in England at risk in their schools of asbestos exposure