Government specifically exclude asbestos from their audit of the condition of school buildings

North Devon Journal The Department for Education estimates around 75% of UK schools contain asbestos and forecasts 53,000 mesothelioma deaths in the UK over the 25-year period from 2013 to 2037. However, the Government has resisted calls to carry out a national audit… Michael believes this is due to wariness of causing widespread panic among parents, and the fact the problem is so widespread that to solve it immediately would be enormously expensive. But he said people should not be kept in the dark about the dangers which exist at their schools.“An audit has never been undertaken to determine the extent, type, and condition of asbestos in UK schools,” he said.“In England, the Government even took the decision to specifically exclude asbestos from their two-year audit of the condition of school buildings which was completed in February 2015.” The Government claims the risks associated with asbestos can be kept low if it is managed correctly. Michael argues that asbestos is particularly difficult to manage in schools due to the likelihood of hazardous areas being disturbed as hundreds of children go about their day. He said the gradual removal of asbestos was the answer, adding: “As long as there is asbestos in schools, people will continue to die.”