Cost of CLASP buildings containing asbestos

Nottinghamshire Post: Council offices built in the 1960s and full of asbestos could be pulled down in a bid to save up to £10 million in refurbishment costs… Nottinghamshire County Council’s CLASP building, in the centre of the County Hall site, has a maintenance backlog of £1.2 million. Surveys of the building, which is known as ‘H’ Block at County Hall, estimate that it would cost somewhere between £7 million and £10 million to bring the offices up to modern standards. But demolition costs are estimated at £1.3 million, and the council forecasts the annual running costs at £178,000.”

Comment Nottingham County Council built public buildings and schools using the CLASP system. The cost effectiveness of these options for an office block are similar to those for UK CLASP schools containing asbestos. There is a lack of strategic vision in the government’s failure to do the same and analyse the balance of costs between maintenance, removal of asbestos and demolition and properly cater for the short and long term costs of dealing with asbestos. This example illustrates the major flaw of specifically excluding asbestos in the government review of the condition of school property. Maintenance and refurbishing of an existing building can be very expensive because of the high costs of dealing with asbestos and the failure to address the issue factually means that government funding for school buildings is fundamentally flawed.