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All Party Parliamentary Group regulations for removal of all asbestos in schools by 2028

“The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health believes that the time has come to put in place regulations requiring the safe, phased and planned removal of all the asbestos that still remains in place across Britain. …..

  • the dutyholder must develop and implement a plan for the removal of all asbestos which ensures that removal is completed as soon as is reasonably practical but certainly no later than 2035. In the case of public buildings and educational establishments, such as schools, this should be done by 2028.”

Background – or read the paper:  APPG paper Remove asbestos in schools by 2028

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Revised DfE guidance for schools

Revised DfE guidance for Schools. DfE have published their revised asbestos guidance for schools.


  • The revised guidance is aimed at school leaders, governors, local authorities and academy trusts.
  •  It is essential that guidance is also aimed at teachers and support staff. The guidance this replaces was, and we have asked DfE to ensure the secondary guidance is.
  • DfE responded “Please be assured that we do intend to make that more detailed information, with pictures and examples, available to schools by publishing a secondary reference document that will be clearly signposted and linked to in the attached document. This decision has been taken so that we can produce a brief, more approachable primary guidance document that can have the widest possible audience in schools but also includes links to where those who need more information can find it.”
  • DfE also stated that they would include a warning about warm air cabinet heaters in their revised guidance. It is not in this revised guidance and so we are seeking confirmation that it will be included in the secondary reference document.
  • As the assessment of risk is based on the ‘Risk Algorithm’, it is most disappointing that eight months later HSE have still not responded to our criticisms of the present algorithm being unsuitable for schools and our proposal for a review.
  • On page 9 there is a link to an example asbestos management plan. It is dreadful, it is not suitable for schools and will promote bad practice:

Adjournment debate on schools asbestos policy review

Adjournment debate on Schools Asbestos Policy Review
The Commons Adjournment Debate on the school asbestos policy review took place on 17 March. The Hansard record is at: 17 Mar 2015 : Column 732 Asbestos in Schools

Comment: The debate was excellent and there were cross party well informed contributions from MPs. The Hansard report lengthy but worth reading. The matter is out in the open, and the Government have publicly acknowledged there is a problem. Consequently whichever party forms the next Government will have to continue to build on the policies that have now been put in place.

Government Review of asbestos in schools published – welcomed but an analysis of the flaws linked to a copy

At this link is a welcome for the review and an analysis of the flaws in the review that need rectifying. The analysis is linked to a copy of the review.