Asbestos in Schools 

This web site examines the extent, type and condition of asbestos in schools and the risks to the occupants.

It has a record of asbestos incidents in schools and advises parents on checking their school is properly identifying and managing asbestos.

It gives referenced evidence that asbestos is present in most schools in the country, and in particular how there has been extensive use of the more dangerous materials in places vulnerable to damage. It gives examples of how that damage has been caused by both building and maintenance work and by normal, everyday classroom activities.

The site shows how staff and pupils have been exposed to cumulatively significant levels of asbestos fibres. It gives the results of air sampling in schools and how background asbestos fibre levels can be raised. It gives examples of classroom activities that can frequently release significant levels of asbestos fibres. It shows that this was known almost thirty years ago but because action was not taken, the exposures continued.

There is analysis of the results of air sampling that demonstrates that the actual levels of asbestos fibres can be significantly higher, particularly in schools, than recorded in the results.

The site looks at the level of asbestos exposure capable of causing mesothelioma. It describes how workplace control levels are applied to the occupants of schools and the unsafe practices that have resulted from this. We analyse the reasons staff and pupils are frequently not aware of their exposure or are advised not to enter it in their medical records. The site examines and identifies selective use of scientific studies and data when producing policy and informing opinion. It produces referenced evidence that identifies and corrects the resulting incorrect conclusions and false impressions given.

We analyse the mesothelioma death statistics for school teachers and support staff and their implications. We present the case that shows why these deaths are directly relevant when an assessment is made of the asbestos exposures and subsequent deaths of school children.

We examine the particular vulnerability of children to asbestos.

We examine areas where scientific knowledge of the risk to the life of school staff and children is not complete and where it is therefore essential to adopt a precautionary approach in order to prevent future deaths.


Please note there are extensive technical papers at this reference site which we also run and will be replaced over time.  If you would like further records of asbestos incidents in schools up to 2015 and  technical detail in referenced papers and articles please look at that site.